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Hi, I’m Emily.

And yes, I’m a teacher. I’ve been teaching for 7 years… and nobody ever taught me how to teach online. (Yeah, THAT was fun, wasn’t it?!)

But I had a leg up on a lot of my coworkers… I. frickin. LOVE. technology.

So I knew that there were better ways to do the things that teachers have always done - and I started doing it in my own classroom, bit by bit. Learning as I went, figuring out new systems and processes.

And then I started showing my teacher friends. (They were… impressed, to say the least!)

That’s when I realized that teachers everywhere can benefit from what I already know: that technology isn’t going anywhere and it’s the language our students speak… so there’s no good reason to not use it everywhere we possibly can. ESPECIALLY if it makes our lives easier.

(and it does make your life easier. A LOT easier.)

That’s what I am doing here - to help YOU understand the tools that are available right now to help you do more in less time so you can actually STOP working once in a while… and enjoy the life you’re living.

Whether you’ve been using technology for years or the boot-up sound of a computer freaks you out… I can help you create better for yourself.

Does it just take too damn long to use tech in your classroom?

Check out the best hassle-free apps to use in your classroom tomorrow, even if you are broke as a joke (like me)

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